boyz II men’s temptations trib.

boyz II men’s temptations trib.

make that bed rock.

society6 selling duvet covers now only means there’ll be a lot more bedrooms in the world with a lot less drab bedding. this girl’s included.

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make me lovely - laura mvula.

a roger ebert memoir.

a roger ebert memoir.

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jollity - dorothy ashby.

on tumblr and supposed stupidity.

(via reveverything about this. plus, what tumblr has done for me since 2009 includes reconnecting yours truly with an old acquaintance and turn her into one of my best friends… and intro awesome people around the world who do awesome things like this for me or are just as music geeked as i am and help me in my dire searches.

(via weheartit) (via bees-knees) allure.

(via weheartit(via bees-knees) allure.

spend your life doing strange things with weird people.
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ready for love - india arie.


imma wear a luol deng all-star jersey to the gym today to remind me of better times.

(via pandrea-flamingos) accurate.

(via pandrea-flamingosaccurate.

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spoon - cut chemist.

losing my religion.

i’m extremely uncomfortable around heavily religious types. it is in no effort to be rude, but some of my friends who have turned to faith, it’s just really hard to be around them. i will always respect them and drop what i’m doing to be with them and only them but the reality of it is “let’s hang out” turns into dragging me to meet the rest their flock who look at you with judging eyes and have no other topic of conversation to fixate on. often times there’s no ill intention so it’s not that i mind it, and it’s not even because i hate it, because if you know me in any way at all i used to be one of the kids who willingly went to bible studies on friday nights.

but in between all those years i’ve also gotten red vermillion mad at the hypocrisy - particularly the years following getting (technically) kicked out of church. a few who understood the situation at the time were also left in disbelief and separated themselves from this church although it hasn’t shifted much of my feelings for it.

but even in all that, i know there is a world out there who find a peace and solace in it that i don’t so i leave it at that. somewhere inside of me i still believe in a god, in a higher power. but there’s a bigger part of me who is disheartened by all the hate generated by conflicting beliefs and a world who takes matters into their own hands with no regard for human decency.

i’ll continue to accompany the mom and pops to sunday mass. and i’ll probably still end up getting married in one despite my fight not to. and it is simply too difficult to avoid the buzzing gophers that are my family members who like to do things like this.

.....fleeting moments and the daily grind.

from the city of wind, in a love-hate tango with nostalgia, doubts there'll ever be a point when common will not be relevant, revels in (eases) life's cherry pits, and fueled by words & beats.

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