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the kid on the playground who tells all the other kids that ring around the rosie is about the black plague. (via vayena(via xandrabee)

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warm water - banks.

(via fl-tsam) (via librariansthoughts) on payday.

(via fl-tsam) (via librariansthoughts) on payday.

paying for the time i took off yesterday today.

worked through lunch. took a nap that didn’t feel like a nap. now and it’s 1am and i’m looking at excel crying on the inside. but pto doesn’t carry over into 2015 so…. imma fill in those days regardless, not losing them.

i feel like i’m becoming one of those peeps who hates taking time off (even though it’s awesome) because taking a day off somehow backs me up on work for a week. reports reports reports…

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color of autumn - nujabes.

(via tastefullyoffensive) (via thatwhitebitch) cut open my sternum, and pull.

(via tastefullyoffensive) (via thatwhitebitch) cut open my sternum, and pull.

crime mob.

i have difficulty grasping this city’s fascination with fixating on its criminal past. not to say it isn’t important to understand the history of it and how that impacts the current structures, but do we really need to abet and glamorize them into elaborate crime tours? there’s nothing glamorous about it. there’s other shit going on in our backyards while the city racks up one of the highest murder rates to date. like, can we focus our energy on that?

i feel the same way about other tourist sites out over in san francisco like alcatraz. how does something like that become a known tourist trap and “one of the best tours in the bay area”? why must i (or anyone for that matter) subject themselves to “get a kick out of” touring a federal prison, making light of inmate interaction(s)? just like the chicago city crime tours i’m aware of the other historical significances, in this case that outside of the prison itself and the years after the prison takeover, but it’s just the idea of the site to be deemed “cool”. or the fact probably a good 90% (arbitrary number, whatever) of pictures i see posted from the prisons feature an overkill of puerile, distasteful poses.

and the short version is that it’s pretty screwy to see “5-stars!!!” ratings to describe things so… not 5-stary.

get free.

get free.

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pair of wings - justin timberlake.

trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.
bowie exhibit in the making.

bowie exhibit in the making.

we remember: 30th anniversary of MJ signing with the chicago bulls.
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can’t leave the night - badbadnotgood.

(via reallybadtofu) sexy with age.

(via reallybadtofusexy with age.

.....fleeting moments and the daily grind.

from the city of wind, in a love-hate tango with nostalgia, doubts there'll ever be a point when common will not be relevant, revels in (eases) life's cherry pits, and fueled by words & beats.

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